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What is this project about?

We, as a network of educators that seek improved education for students in rural areas of Africa, are bringing learning to students. By equipping lab rooms with laptops, internet connection, educational resources, and facilitators of learning, we are able to connect African students with school across 90 countries via video conferencing.
Students are guided through a customized Global Goals curricula on STEAM, design thinking, and sustainability that was collaboratively created by volunteer experts from around the world, and they are empowered to take action in both their local and global communities.
Each group of students is guided by one local teacher and has interactions with students and teachers from around the world. This relationship and framework, with many points of connection and perspective, allows for empathy to be central for all participants.

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Dr. Jane Goodall announces the Innovation Lab Schools


We aim to train 10,000 teachers and offer a free quality education to 10,000,000 students by 2020.




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We have a community of 500 educators across 90 countries willing to offer free education to the African students in our labs. Will you join them?



Interested in supporting this project? Your donation can go toward internet bundles, wages for local teachers, and/or transportation. Your thought and support are greatly appreciated!

We collect money via gofundme.

Sponsor one lab

One lab typically costs $18,750 USD. Your sponsorship directly leads to the education of hundreds of African children. You'll receive reports and marketing opportunities.

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