Kenya | Kakuma refugee camp

Since April 2015

+1,000 students

Our lab in Kakuma serves thousands of refugee students. In this setting we teach English, Science, Math and Religion.

UPDATE: we will build our own, new school in February 2020.

More information: Project Kakuma website

Tanzania | Pugu

July 2019

100 students

First lab in collaboration with Dr. Jane Goodall | Roots and Shoots

The launch of our lab in July 2019 in presence of Jane Goodall was covered by National Geographic. Documentary to be aired in July 2020.

Palestine | Ramallah

January 2020

hundreds of students

In collaboration with Palestinian government and Eummena

Update soon

Uganda | Rhino Refugee camp

July 2019

+1,000 students

In collaboration with HTiL.

Nigeria | Standard High Mark College (Lagos)

Feb 2019

In collaboration with One African Child.



Project lead: Andrews Nchessie

Nigeria | Umanagbor Ihitte, Ezinihitte Mbaise

July 2019

Project Lead: Marie-Christine Ghanbari Jahrami

Brazil | Rio de Janeiro

Planned July 2019

in collaboration with KIYO Children’s rights NGO


Planned 2019

Project lead: Souad Belcaid

Argentina | Bragado

... 2019

Project lead: Jennifer Verschoor

South Africa | Chimp eden sanctuary

Planned 2020



Project lead: Alexandra Harper

Tanzania | Gombe

Planned Feb 2020

Second lab in collaboration with Dr. Jane Goodall | Roots and Shoots